A Rare Bird Toast To India Pale Ale Day

Posted Aug 2, 2017

To all our Rare Bird friends, we wish you a happy India Pale Ale Day on August 3rd.

Nova Scotia has a long and storied past with the India Pale Ale, popularized in Canada by the Halifax brewery Alexander Keith’s. And while the current Keith’s IPA bears no relationship to its historic roots, we’re proud to make an East Coast IPA right here on the shores of the historic Guysborough harbour where Nicholas Denys started Atlantic Canada’s first commercial brewery in 1659.

Back then, brewers like Denys were adding local wild hops to their ales to help keep their freshness during long journeys at sea. It’s a maritime tradition we continue, growing local hops here in Guysborough and adding them to our IPA to give it a refreshing taste that stands out in a crowd. You can read more about our handcrafted IPA here. And you can find your nearest NSLC store that carries our Rare Bird IPA here.

Please join us in raising a glass of IPA and celebrate a proud brewing tradition that goes back centuries. It’s a part of our Nova Scotia heritage. Cheers!

We always enjoy hearing from our Rare Bird friends and invite you to share your IPA Day photos and stories on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages. And please, enjoy our IPA responsibly!