It’s Springtime in Nova Scotia: Rare Bird Maple Ale is Back

Posted Apr 27, 2016

You know it’s spring on Nova Scotia’s Authentic Seacoast when the maple sap is brewing. It’s is one of our favourite times at Rare Bird Craft Beer. We jump in the big truck and head into the backwoods of Nova Scotia to get the season’s fresh maple sap so we can brew up a batch or two of our delicious maple ale.

Like everything we do on the Authentic Seacoast, we’re all in with our maple ale. That means there’s no water added to our brew. Just pure Nova Scotia maple sap, some maple syrup and a wee bit o’ spice to give our beer it’s unique maple flavour.

It’s not easy to brew an ale with pure maple sap, but who said that life was supposed to be easy here against the Atlantic? At the end of the day, we enjoy a challenge, and when the result is this good, we know the extra effort was worth it.


The Authentic Seacoast truck deep in the backwoods of Nova Scotia.

Like people in the Maritimes, this is a strong ale, coming in at 6.5% ABV, but the smooth maple flavour balances out the alcohol and hops to give it a refreshing taste and rare character. You’ll definitely want to toast the arrival of spring on the East Coast with our copper coloured beauty.

This Rare Bird can be found in Nova Scotia at our brewery on the historic Guysborough harbour, at select private liquor stores and on tap and in bottles at fine drinking establishments.