Rare Bird Craft Beer Now Available in Cans at the NSLC

Posted May 3, 2018

Just in time for patio season in the Maritimes, we’re introducing our Rare Bird Craft Beer in cans. You’ll now find 473 ml cans of our popular Rare Bird Pale Ale, Full Steam Coffee Stout and IPA at select NSLC stores across the province.

We’ve heard from many of our Rare Bird friends who have told us that they wanted to see our craft beer in cans to help preserve the great taste of our beers. You can think of the can like a mini beer keg; it keeps out both light and oxygen to give you a fresh tasting craft beer when you pop open your can.

Now there may be some of you who say doesn’t the metal affect the taste of the beer? Nowadays, that’s no longer the case. There is a water-based barrier on the inside of each can so that means your Rare Bird Craft Beer never touches the aluminum.

Another benefit of moving these beers to cans is the reduced environmental footprint for our brewery. The lightweight of the cans means we’ll use less fuel transporting our beer from our brewery in Guysborough to your community and the recycling process for cans uses less fuel as well. Coming from one of the most pristine places in Nova Scotia, the environmental benefits are important to us.

So Rare Bird Craft Beer in cans means great tasting beer and a reduced environmental impact. We think it’s something that we can all drink to.

One last thought – people are telling us that our new cans look great! Please let us know what you think. We always enjoy hearing from our Rare Bird friends.

We look forward to seeing your Rare Bird patio shots with our cans. Please share them on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

Cheers to you Rare Birds!