People of rare character have inspired us for centuries.

They use their creative minds, hardworking hands and generous hearts to build a better life for their families and community. They are undeterred by challenges both grand and small.  Actions show their leadership.  They see the beauty in the world and they share how they experience it with those they meet.  They have a story to tell.  They do so with passion and commitment. They are the Rare Birds amongst us.

They’re people like Nicolas Denys, a pioneering Acadian whose hard work, determination and vision created the first commercial brewery in Atlantic Canada in 1659, right where we make Rare Bird Craft Beer today. We’re proud to carry on Denys’ legacy and brew our beer for those with rare character, who inspire us every day.

Handcrafted on the pristine shores of Guysborough, Nova Scotia, where Maritime brewing began, Rare Bird Craft Beers stay true to the constant values of good taste over time. Brewed in small batches from pure Glanbùrn artesian water, hops and Canadian malted barley, each drop captures the history, flavour and rare character of our home on the Eastern Shore.

glynn-signatureGlynn Williams